Job Opportunities at Antun’s Restaurant in Queen’s Village

Looking to find a summer job?

As a catering and event venue, Antun’s will give students a glimpse into what it takes to work in the hospitality industry. Employees must be seventeen years old to be eligible with a willingness to learn. They must also be energetic with a love to smile. In addition to this remarkable employment, Antun’s further offers a unique eligibility in adapting to the schedule of the student. Therefore, Antun’s works with students to comprise a schedule around school obligations in order to provide the highest employment satisfaction and personal growth.

Since January 1945, Antun’s offers a family environment to the public, serving the community and featured guests with the utmost hospitality and family values. From a family run business, Antun’s hopes you will be a part of that and joins them for the summer!
Antun’s provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, marital status, amnesty, or status as a covered veteran in accordance with applicable federal, state and local laws.
If you need assistance filling out an application you may call us or come in person as well.
For further inquiries, please contact Antun’s at 718-468-6400.

“This place is such a great place to work at. It’s so flexible, there’s structure, and it’s perfect for my needs. My favorite parts I would say is the structure, organization, and of course, the people. I feel like structure is the key to success, and, after being here for 17 years, I feel confident to say that Antun’s has the best and sturdiest structure I’ve ever seen. I really can’t think of anything wrong with this place. But why would I? There’s nothing bad to say.”

Yobert Luc
Yobert Luc Maitre D’hotel

“I like this place. I was here a few times for some events before I started working here. Then, my friend told me to apply. I really don’t regret applying at all. Now, I’ve been at Antun’s for about 2 years. I plan on going to school also, so it’s perfect while I’m here. All in all, with my crazy schedule, and my plans on going to school, working here is perfect. We are a family. We are all here for each other.”


Tiana Mendez
Tiana Mendez Waitress

“I’ve only been working at Antun’s a little under two years now, but it feels like much shorter. They weren’t wrong when they said time flies when you’re having fun. When I first started here, I was only 19 years old. I was a little nervous, but mostly excited. I started as a greeter and coat checker, moved up to waitress, and now currently am a Bridal Attendant. From a first hand experience, I can confidently say that working here is good and flexible for students. The management understands how we work and what responsibilities we need to fulfill. They are kind and compassionate. The guests are nice, and working at a place like Antun’s, there is potential to make genuine connections. I met a guest here in the past that to this day, I interact with still. My adult life is just beginning, so there are many opportunities that lie ahead. For now, and the foreseeable future, I could see myself spending a great deal of time working here.”

Brianna Vance Haywood
Brianna Vance Haywood Bridal Attendant

“Antun’s is a blessing for me. Having started 26 years ago, I never thought as a waitress, I would end up being promoted to an Administrative Assistant, and then Director of Sales. I’ve made a lot of memories. Some are good, some are great, and some are life changing: I met my husband here, who just so happened to work here too! Antun’s is so convenient and flexible for my family. It creates an atmosphere that is great to grow in. Everyone is like family. We all push each other to thrive and do our best; so one success is basically topped by another success.”

Cynthia Valdez Cynthia Valdez

“I love this job. I really do. I wouldn’t have been here for 15 years if I didn’t. I love the parties here, and I love interacting with the guests. I don’t think there really is anything I don’t love about working at Antun’s. Besides my love for hosting parties, Antun’s really is a beautiful place. However, the thing that keeps me here is the staff. We all are genuinely a family. I feel like all these kids working here are like my own kids. From the office, to the porters, to the linenlady, to the wait staff, I love everyone. They can’t do enough for you. They’re great.”

Patty Theobald
Patty Theobald Maitre D’hotel

“I live and breathe Antun’s. I’ve basically held every front of house position possible. 13 years ago, I started as a waitress. Then I became a runner, eventually moving on up to hold many more positions. Now, I’m a supervisor and captain. It’s crazy. The fact I can start off as a waitress and eventually become captain is still, to this day, insane to me. It proves that I was meant to be here and it just reinforces the love that I have for all elements of Antun’s. My favorite, though, is the staff we have here. It’s one big family. It really, truly, is.”


“Antun’s is above all the competitors when it comes to structure. Actually, Antun’s is above all the competitors when it comes to pretty much everything to be honest. Since 2005, I’ve been working here on and off, so I have the ability to see how other places are run. Nothing compares to the high standard Antun’s achieves. Absolutely nothing. I cannot talk highly enough about the management. They truly care and take an interest in your well-being. They invest in you. All should envy the environment around here, as it fosters nothing but positivity and friendship. I truly get excited every day to see the people I work with. I genuinely love it.”

Jessica Damour
Jessica Damour Thirteen years of service