Below are some questions that are frequently asked by our patrons about our catering packages, facilities, table seating, dates, and much more to help you plan your event.

  1. Do I need an appointment to get information? 
    A. Yes, appointments required.  You can make an appointment on our website or call or text us 718-468-6400
  2. When can I visit Antun’s?  When is the best time to visit?
    A. You may call to make an appointment with our banquet consultants are available 11am – 9:30 pm Monday– Saturday and Sundays from 11am -5pm.
  3. How far in advance should I book my affair? 
    A. All rooms are booked on a first come, first serve basis. Please ask the banquet consultant what months of the year are in the most demand. We suggest you book as early as possible to ensure your choice of date, time and room.
  4. Are all prices for catered events the same for each day of the month? 
    A. No, each day of the week and timing of your affair may affect the price based upon the principle of supply and demand.
  5. Can I receive pricing over the telephone? 
    A. A banquet consultant gives pricing in person.
  6. How can I go about signing a contract at Antun’s? 
    A. You need to come in and we will give you a free written estimate. (This will NOT hold you a space at Antun’s.) If you want to sign, bring the estimate back and sign a contract. ONLY when you sign the contract will you have officially   booked at Antun’s.
  7. Can I arrange to have my ceremony in one of your halls? 
    A. Yes, at an additional fee.  Our ceremony space is in VERY High demand so please book early.
  8. How many people can you accommodate? 
    A. Our facilities can accommodate 60-800 guests, depending on your need.
  9. How many guests fit at a banquet table? 
    A. Up to 10 guests can be seated at a table.
  10. Do you have a minimum guarantee for the amount of guests I may be having? 
    A. The smallest banquet we cater to is 60 people.
  11. Can I use any vendor I want? 
    A. Yes. We can supply you with additional information as well. Also, all DJ’s Photographers and Videographers must have a 1 million dollar liability insurance policy. (Any reputable company should have such a policy, it is standard.)
  12. Can I bring my own food? 
    A. NO. Antun’s must supply all food and beverages for your banquet. This includes cakes and alcohol.
  13. Can I bring my own wedding cake? 
    A. Antun’s can make you almost any cake you can dream of.  Shape, style, size and type. Whether it is Red Velvet, Black Cake, Dominican Cake or any other cake. However, NO outside food whatsoever may be brought in to Antun’s
  14. Can we bring in our own liquor or wine? 
    A. No, it is contrary to the State Liquor Authority’s rules and regulations.
  15. Do my guests have to pay for parking? 
    A. No, parking is free of charge to your guests.
  16. Do you provide Kosher meals? 
    A. Yes, given advance notice we can accommodate a few Kosher meals.
  17. When is the final payment due? 
    A. A minimum of one week before the banquet.
  18. Is there more than one Antun’s?
    A. NO. This is the Original Antun’s, in business for over 70 years. We are NOT affiliated with any other caterer by such name.